Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Must Read: Soldier Rapes 23year Old Student for Five Hours

So sad what some men can do to women at their mercy, and to think that a security personnel whose duty is to secure lives and properties is the very one destroying them, then we know we still have a long way to go Nigeria;
This case is about a 23-year-old National Diploma, ND, student of Mass Communication Department, Ibarapa Polytechnic, who narrated her story yesterday of how she was raped under a tree by one of the security men attached to Operation Burst set up by Governor Abiola Ajimobi of Oyo State to check criminality in the state.
According to the student, while she recounted the sad ordeal said;
“It happened on Friday, August 29, 2014. I was coming back to my room after seeing off a friend. He accused me of being a cultist for moving about around that time, but I denied it. He then ordered me to climb his motorcycle, but I pleaded with him that he should let me go.
“He removed a knife and said that he would stab me if I refused to obey him. So scared, I climbed the Okada and he took me to the Operation Burst office in Eruwa.
“When we got there, he forcefully led me to a dark area under a tree and ordered me to remove my dress to enable him see if I had tattoos on my body.
“I told him I did not have tattoos and that he should let me go. He then removed the knife again and said that he would slaughter me like a ram if I failed to ‘cooperate’ and that I would be buried like many other girls who had failed to cooperate in the past, and nobody would trace my death to him.
“Sensing danger, I removed my clothes. He ordered me to lie down under the tree and had sex with me several times while I was crying.
“He raped me till 3.30 am and I complained of catching cold. He entered into the office and brought out a bottle of beer. He gave it to me to hold for him.
“Later he said he was going to bring a blanket for me to cover my body. I waited for about 30 minutes, but when he did not return, I dressed up and ran away.
The victim reported to the Police Station at Eruwa, and identified the rapist among other security operatives paraded before her.
The victim also visited the Eruwa General Hospital for test, and according to the victim;
“The doctor told me to lie down and use his phone torchlight to examine my private part and wrote a report that although there was no trace of semen, the private part had been tampered with.”
But much could not be ascertained as the doctor claimed he could not carry out test on the inner part of the vagina because the hospital did not have the facilities to carry out such test.
The victim’s lawyer said a soldier called him at 8.25 pm on Sunday informing him that the Army had commenced court martial trial on the indicted soldier, but that the student must appear to testify.
One word for Mr Soldier?

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